Costs of carelessness or how to avoid cheating by employees?

Do you believe your employees that much that you don’t supervise what they do during the working day? A lot of managers do the same way, but after some time they all ask questions “How to improve the workforce efficiency?” “Is it worth to pay my workers that much?”. As they ask these questions, they all come to an important conclusion, the best way for a better efficiency – to start using monitoring devices.

5 problems occurring from lack of supervision

Most managers think that trust is an essential part of building efficient teams. They think that if they don’t supervise employees, they will show higher commitment by you not restricting their freedom. These people don’t understand that building trust is a process which takes time and needs a lot of supervision from the start. If that doesn’t happen, an employer might face a lot of uncomfortable problems:

  1. 1. Employees may delay with projects and tasks because they do a lot of unnecessary things during their working time and don’t prioritize projects according to your needs. The worst thing is that you pay employees for doing their job, not for visiting internet-shops or social media messaging;
  2. 2. Employees may participate in harassment or even visit pornographic sites. Managers start believing that their workers can do that only after the incident happened. Be aware that this might appear even in your working place;
  3. 3. Workers can download some files with closed access violating company’s rights of ownership. Some workers can use that for earning extra cash so manager should always check what information workers bring from their computer and which files did they save;
  4. 4. Workers can do another job while nobody is watching them. All workers think that working on two positions simultaneously is efficient but why should any manager pay their employees for someone else assignments?

The truth is, things don’t always come this way. Employers can still believe that their personnel does everything according to their commands but are they sure that these things really don’t happen. If you don’t, phone spy devices can help you become more confident about what your personnel does at this moment in time.

How can a good spy device help you?

You don’t need to stand behind your employees’ backs and instantly watch what they are doing right now. You probably have enough work to do and they are much more responsible than those you assign to employees. If you don’t want to watch every move your employees make, you should make someone record every their step. The best and the most popular choice is to use a mobile spy app. A good app for spying allows you to:

  1. 1. See which internet pages they opened and did they do any activities unrelated to their job;
  2. 2. Provide a consistent feedback on how efficient the working process was and make recommendations for its’ improvement;
  3. 3. Make sure no strategic file has been shared with anybody interested.

Monitoring devices are means of security for a modern company. If you still didn’t try them – go ahead and build trust among your personnel through using the phone tracker.